Consular Services

The company also performs a host of associated consular services on behalf of client governments. These include, accepting passport applications, replacement passports and associated travel documents, national identification cards, Consular appointments, renunciation of citizenships, and notarial services, including witnessing and authenticating documents.


For the Indian Government, BLS E-Services accepts applications for OCI / Renunciation of Indian Citizenship, which can be submitted at the respective BLS application centres in several countries around the world.

BLS Offers fast response and consistent advice to Clients, offers updated information and assistance via telephone enquiries, face to face interaction and aims to provide rapid and high-quality service, utilising specially trained staff.

Passport Outsourcing Services

BLS E-Services offers state-of-the-art passport outsourcing services to the Diplomatic Missions. These services include acceptance and processing of applications for renewal of passports, issue of passports, observations made in passports to endorse change of details and any other passport related query.